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Diamond Clear Pouch


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We are the australia distributors for diamond clear australia
Diamond clear is like liquid wipe on clear coat, it can be used to restore plastic bumpers, side steps, fenders, below windscreen plastic etc
Great for sealing headlights after sanding them.
is also used on swirled up paint as a alternative to polishing/paint correction instead of removing clear coat to remove scratches Diamond Clear fills in the scratches and provides more of a protective layer
before applying DC the paint surface needs to be prepped, using medium reducer / acrylic thinners is the best way or IPA 100% alcohol. or both.
applying to plastics and headlights you dont need to remove the excess just make sure it is a even coat and not patchy or streaky
applying to paint if your not happy with the texture / finish after applying it and waiting around 10 minutes use a microfibre cloth to very very lightly level out DC, you dont want to wipe it off you want to level or smooth out the coating so its not streaky, remember how it looks when you have applied it is how it will dry. (fully cured overnight)
if you make a mistake use medium reducer to remove it, never use medium reducer on plastics such as bumpers etc only on painted surfaces. you can use IPA on plastics.
Q:How long does Diamond Clear last?
A: Paint 1-2 years
Plastic 3-5 years
Headlights 2-3 years
Q:How long should I wait to lightly smooth it out?
A: Time frame is recommended but it should not exceed past 15 mins per panel!!!!! (headlights and plastic doesnt need a 2nd smoothing out.)
Q: How do we know if DC (Diamond Clear) will fix the scratches?
A: Simple Process 1. Lick your finger and check it will disappear. 2. Medium Reducer will give you a great result to show you if DC will work or not!
Q:What is Medium Reducer?
A: Its a Medium Urethane Reducer made for automotive paint. Can be found at paint shops as a Universal Urethane Medium Reducer.
Q:Why am i not getting the same results as the videos?
A: Can almost guarantee it boils down to not cleaning out the scratches enough with reducer and you are pulling the product out of the scratches during smooth out. Lightly smooth over and when approaching the problem area very lightly let the microfiber work itself over the scratches allowing the product to stay in the scratches itself! If it takes more then once or twice maybe three times as long as your not taking the product out you can do it more then once to get the desired finish!
Q: Can you coat in the Hot weather?
A: Yes just break your process down to a panel by panel basis!
Q: Who do I talk to when going to a dealership?
A: You want to talk to the guy who makes the final decision! Used Car managers General sales manager or General manager.
Q: What do I tell the dealership?
A: There is no set sales pitch, no specific way every approach has it different ways of make the sale of selling yourself and your services. Your not selling the product your selling yourself and your services you have to understand that and having confidence in the product is key to 40/50% of the sale.
Package includes , 1 single Pouch

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