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SpotBye Deionized Water Filter DI TDS Resin Spot Free Rinse


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Deionized Water Filter Spotless Car Washer DI Tank

Great for washing dark cars and windows to reduce mineral water spots

For those seeking the pinnacle of purity in their water supply, our Deionized Water Filter System is the ultimate solution. Designed for applications such as detailing, washing, and final rinsing, our system ensures unparalleled water quality.

By utilizing advanced deionization technology, our system effectively eliminates virtually all ions from the water, including troublesome minerals like iron, sodium, sulfate, and copper. These ions are the primary culprits behind non-particulate water contaminants, ensuring that your water is not just clean, but truly pristine.

Say goodbye to unsightly water spots caused by mineral deposits. Our Deionized Water Filter System tackles TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and mineral buildup head-on, preventing the formation of water spots as water droplets evaporate, leaving behind nothing but pure, spot-free surfaces.

Experience the difference with our Deionized Water Filter System – the reliable, efficient, and affordable solution for achieving water purity like never before.


  1. Spot-Free Cleaning: Deionized water removes all mineral ions, preventing the formation of water spots as the water evaporates from the car’s surface. This ensures a spot-free finish, leaving your car looking pristine.
  2. Prevents Water Spots: Traditional water contains minerals that can leave behind unsightly spots and streaks on your car’s surface. Deionized water eliminates these minerals, reducing the likelihood of water spots forming during the washing process.
  3. Preserves Paint and Finish: Minerals in water can contribute to paint damage and corrosion over time. Deionized water helps protect your car’s paint and finish by reducing exposure to these harmful elements, prolonging the life of your vehicle’s exterior.
  4. Enhances Shine: Without mineral deposits dulling the surface, deionized water allows for a cleaner, shinier finish after washing. This can give your car a showroom-quality shine with minimal effort.
  5. Reduces Need for Drying: Since deionized water doesn’t leave behind any mineral residue, there’s less need for extensive drying after washing. This can save time and effort during the detailing process.
  6. Environmentally Friendly: Deionized water systems typically require less detergent and chemicals compared to traditional washing methods, making them more environmentally friendly. Additionally, by reducing the need for harsh chemicals, they minimize the impact on local ecosystems.
  7. Cost-Effective Long-Term: While there may be an initial investment in a deionized water system, the long-term savings from reduced water spots, paint damage, and the need for fewer cleaning products can make it a cost-effective solution for car washing over time.

Overall, using a deionized water system for washing cars provides a convenient, efficient, and environmentally conscious way to achieve a superior clean and maintain the appearance of your vehicle.


All the sizes Small, Medium, Large include resin, bypass tap,  hand held TDS meter, brass quick connect hose fittings and tail hose.

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DI Water filters / Resin

Large Tank – 25L Resin bag, Small Tank – 5L Resin bag, Medium Tank – 10L Resin bag, Resin media 5L


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