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Car Paint Protection Services

Basically sunscreen for your car.

Prevents UV sun damage (fading / oxidising)

Prevents bird and bat droppings eating through the paint

Increases gloss levels to keep your car looking brand new for longer.

Another huge benifit to paint protection is that it is very hydrophobic, so when the cars dirty it easily rinses and beads the dirt off.

When using a wash mitt instead of rubbing dirt into the clear coat and creating scratches the majority gets rinsed off in the rinsing process and the traffic film or bugs are easily wiped off with a microfibre mitt (rather then rubbing hard to get stuck on dirt/bugs off)

Then when it comes time to dry the car you have a lot less water to dry, if you sheet the water you will nearly have a dry panel without even drying!

When buying a new car from a dealership they will often offer you paint protection, although the products they use are normally ok (they are normally just a long lasting sealant not a ceremic paint protection) they offer lifetime warranty with tons of terms and conditions that are hard to adhere to, for example you have to use there special wash and have the products reapplied every year..

Will paint protection stop rock chips and stop my paint being scratched and damaged? No it will not, it does harden the paint but it will not resist stonechips or scratches, for this you’d require Paint protection film which is a lot more expensive (about 5x the price)

If you are thinking about paint protection, do yourself a favour and reach out to a quality detailer that uses a reputable company such as technique.

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