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What Soap Should I Wash My Car With? Understanding pH Neutral Wash and Soap Options for Coated Cars


Maintaining the appearance and protection of your car’s paintwork is crucial, especially if your vehicle is coated with a ceramic coating. Choosing the right soap for washing becomes even more important in this case. In this blog post, we will explore thedifferent types of car wash soaps, including pH neutral washes, and discuss the best soap options for coated cars. We will focus on the products available on our website,, specifically “MDCC Green Wash,” “3D Pink Car Soap,” and provide guidance on using “Foamed Up” for non-coated cars.

Understanding pH Neutral Wash:

1.  What is pH neutral wash soap?

pH neutral wash soaps are formulated with a balanced pH level, typically around 7, which is neither acidic nor alkaline.

These soaps are gentle on your car’s paintwork, ensuring that they won’t compromise the protective qualities of a ceramic coating.

pH neutral wash soaps effectively remove dirt, grime, and road contaminants without causing any damage.

2. When to use pH neutral wash soap:

pH neutral wash soaps are ideal for regular maintenance washes on coated cars, including those with ceramic coatings.

Use them when your vehicle is lightly soiled or for routine washes to keep your coating intact.

These soaps are safe for frequent use and maintain the glossy appearance of your car’s paintwork.

Exploring Products on

1.  MDCC Green Wash:

MDCC Green Wash, available on our website, is a pH neutral wash soap designed for gentle yet effective cleaning.

It is suitable for regular maintenance washes on coated cars, including those with ceramic coatings, ensuring the longevity of the coating.

2. 3D Pink Car Soap:

Another pH neutral wash soap available on our website is 3D Pink Car Soap.

Formulated to be gentle on your car’s paint, it effectively removes dirt and grime without compromising the protective coating.

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Using “Foamed Up” for Non-Coated Cars:

1.  What is Foamed Up:

Foamed Up, available on our website, is a strong wash soap designed for non-coated cars.

It is formulated with powerful cleaning agents to tackle heavy dirt, road tar, bugs, and other stubborn contaminants.

2. When to use Foamed Up:

Foamed Up is recommended for non-coated cars that require deep cleaning sessions or are heavily soiled.

If your vehicle does not have a protective coating, Foamed Up provides excellent cleaning power for a thorough wash.


When it comes to washing your car, choosing the right soap is essential for maintaining its appearance and protecting any coatings, such as ceramic coatings. For coated cars, including those with ceramic coatings, it is recommended to use pH neutral wash soaps like MDCC Green Wash and 3D Pink Car Soap. These soaps effectively clean while preserving the integrity of the coating. If your car is not coated, “Foamed Up” is a strong wash soap that provides powerful cleaning for non-coated cars. Remember to always follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your coating for the best care and maintenance of your vehicle.

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